Commercial, Retail, Hospitality

Ground up, Design, Design-build, Development, interior fit-out for: Professional Offices, Big boxes, Malls, Strip Malls, Retail shops, Restaurants, Hotels, banks, and GYMs.


Development, Design, Design-build, and CM, for Ground up, and interior work of:  Professional Clinics, Surgery, Radiology and Imaging, Dental, Laboratory, Military Pararescue.


Development, design, design-build, and CM, for ground up, and interior work: single homes, townhomes, and apartments.


Power & Renewable Energy

Design, Construction Management, and CMAT for Energy and Renewable energy locally and in the Middle East: Black Start Outage upgrade, power and generators upgrade, hurricane power recovering, PV Solar Systems, Renewable Energy studies

Telecommunication Towers & Antennas 

Over 100 telecommunication tower and antenna facilities projects in NY Metro Area, from site selection and acquisition to project design and construction management.

Space Architecture 

Design and resource management studies for extended space travel, launching stations, observatories, closed environment, and sustainable technology.

Amusement Parks & Resorts

Program, Masterplans, Design and graphics for amusement parks and resorts.